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Amsterdam - Abroad Europe


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Blissful bike rides along the canals and beautiful lush parks make spring in the Netherlands a spectacular and colorful dream. Featuring more canals than Venice and the most cultural attractions per capita in the world.

A pilgrimage to Europe’s most progressive city is a rite of passage for all study abroad students, especially in the fall when the colors are most striking. With something for foodies, culture buffs, art aficionados, and everyone in between, it’s sure to be a massive hit whether you’re flying solo or bringing the whole squad. 

Lose yourself amongst works of Monet and Van Gogh, find a unique souvenir at a perfectly curated vintage store, and take an iconic boat ride down the canals with your friends while sipping a world-class Dutch brew in the crisp Fall air. In a place full of coffee shops where friendships flourish, there’s no finer place for buds than Amsterdam.

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Boutique Hotel 
Accomm.Events & ExperiencesLocal Cuisine 
& Brunch Daily


500€/ Trip


JAN 28-30

Arrive a day earlier, leave a day 
later and explore more

Book before the semester starts and take $100 off!

An authentic Amsterdam experience

These are the times of our lives – let’s make them matter



coffee shop crawl

Once you’ve arrived in Amsterdam, get ready to hit the ground running with opportunities to go on walking tours, check out the coffee shops, and explore at your own pace. We’ve got a welcome party with drinks (of course) and delicious Dutch bites served up by Amsterdam’s finest local food trucks. Get on Amsterdam’s wavelength, meet your new friends, and start an epic weekend with a bang.


Saturday nightlife

Fuel up for another packed day with bottomless brunch, and then get ready to explore Amsterdam’s vintage shops, flea markets, cafes, and museums. In the afternoon we’ll cruise the canals to the beats of our own exclusive DJs, beer in hand and gorgeous fall leaves overhead. Swing by the hotel to get prepped, because we’ve booked out one of Amsterdam’s best clubs for Saturday night, and your favorite artists are on the roster.



tour the Heineken factory

You’ll have another bottomless brunch, and Sunday will be for checking out any of the spots we’ve missed and checking off any more bucket list items. Most people fly out Sunday, but if you’re lucky and have another night with us, Sunday afternoon is when we tour the Heineken factory and chase some beer tasting with a fancy dinner. Ready to do it all again in Prague?

Abroad Europe makes the most of your semester by visiting 
the cities and destinations you’ve been dreaming about.
JAN – APR 2022

Our parents

“The itineraries reminded me of my youth traveling Europe, but without all the headaches. it made sense to send my son on Abroad Europe trips.”


Mother, University of Chicago

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