Amsterdam, Netherlands


Blissful bike rides along the canals and beautiful lush parks make spring in the Netherlands a spectacular and colorful dream. Featuring more canals than Venice and the most cultural attractions per capita in the world.

A pilgrimage to Europe’s most progressive city is a rite of passage for all study abroad students, especially in the fall when the colors are most striking. With something for foodies, culture buffs, art aficionados, and everyone in between, it’s sure to be a massive hit whether you’re flying solo or bringing the whole squad. 

Lose yourself amongst works of Monet and Van Gogh, find a unique souvenir at a perfectly curated vintage store, and take an iconic boat ride down the canals with your friends while sipping a world-class Dutch brew in the crisp Fall air. In a place full of coffee shops where friendships flourish, there’s no finer place for buds than Amsterdam.

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