Barcelona Abroadfest



From Gaudi to Picasso, swimming in the Med, dancing in beachside nightclubs, and lively parks, it’s easy to see why travelers are captivated by Barcelona’s allure. The sea, the sun, and the sangria set a stunning scene to launch your semester abroad.

Barcelona is one of Spain’s most vibrant cities and features unique and unforgettable Catalan culture. With fantastic local wine, some of Europe’s best seafood, architectural marvels, and streets of artisanal shops, you certainly won’t be bored in sunny Barcelona. Everything the city offers creates an unparalleled cultural experience.

Stroll along beautiful gardens and colorful spiral towers in Park Güell, tour the ever-changing La Sagrada Familia cathedral, and take in the sights and tantalizing smells of Mercado de la Boqueria. Soak in the sun at the beach or take a tapas tour in the afternoon before watching the sun set over the city from a gorgeous overlook with your friends.

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