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Dublin - Abroad Europe



Green BEER & Green HATS

Dublin has a rich history, plenty of breweries, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making it an enchantingly fun destination. Split across the Liffey River, its brick lanes and historic buildings paint a beautiful backdrop for a weekend full of exploring, world-class ale, and raucous good times.

Dublin is always a blast, but on St. Patrick’s Day it’s on another level. See Dublin at its prime with a sea of green hats, raised pints, and Irish flags, and have a good bit of craic (gaelic for a good time and a laugh) with your St. Paddy’s day pals. There’s nothing like carnivalesque St. Patrick’s Day, and there’s especially nothing like it in Dublin. 

Learn about Irish culture with a visit to Trinity Library to see the Book of Kells, tour of the Guinness Storehouse capped off with a frothy pint, and hear some of Ireland’s famous live folk music. After enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day parade and finding yourself in a spirited pub filled with lively locals, you’ll surely feel lucky about your weekend in Ireland.

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St. Paddy's in Dublin

These are the times of our lives – let’s make them matter




For our travelers arriving on Thursday night, we’ve got a pub crawl planned in Temple Bar, Dublin’s most festive neighborhood brimming with buzzing bars and blasting live music. On Friday, you can hop on a walking tour to get some background on Ireland’s capital and explore the National Museum of Ireland before joining us for a welcome party in a traditional pub with the best Irish music in Dublin.


I'll have a guinness please

Recover from Friday night with a full Irish breakfast and a coffee with Bailey’s before heading out to see the sights. If you’re into cool architecture and academia vibes, swing by Trinity College, a historic cornerstone in downtown Dublin. In the afternoon join us for a tour, tasting, and party in the Guinness factory. Afterwards we’ll celebrate Europe’s luckiest holiday with a St. Patrick’s themed exclusive event featuring world-renowned DJs in an insane nightclub.



Cross it off your bucket list

For those who aren’t departing on Sunday, sleep in and enjoy a hearty traditional lunch of mashed potatoes, Irish stew, and fresh bread. Make sure you’ve checked everything off of your Dublin bucket list before joining us for a tour of an Irish whiskey distillery with a tasting (of course) to cap off your St. Paddy’s Day weekend. Now that you’ve survived Ireland’s biggest holiday, are you ready for Budapest?

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