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Florence - Abroad Europe




Surrounded by gently rolling vineyards, Florence flaunts breathtaking marble cathedrals, divine sunlit piazzas, and irresistible Italian cuisine. The birthplace of the Renaissance and Tuscany’s capital, Firenze bursts with inspiring art, centuries of beauty, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Italy has a unique aesthetic and culture that makes it a must-do for all Euro-travelers. Florence makes it easy to get a taste of the beautiful country with romantic winding streets, world famous art galleries, and artisanal markets, and Spring is the perfect time to enjoy sunny Tuscany without heaps of tourists.

Begin your weekend by gazing upon Michaelangelo’s David at Accademia Gallery, take in a stunning panorama of the city from the top of the famous duomo, treat yourself to Italy’s finest pasta and gelato, and relax with a glass of Tuscan wine at a bustling cafe. At the start of your night out, cheers a round of aperol spritz cocktails with your friends to celebrate your weekend in bella Italia.

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Boutique Hotel 
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& Brunch Daily




FEB 18-20

Arrive a day earlier, leave a day 
later and explore more

Book before the semester starts and take $100 off!

Feel free in Florence

These are the times of our lives – let’s make them matter




For those arriving on Thursday, we’ll have a taste of Italy at a pizza party just for you and your new friends. For those joining on Friday, spend the day exploring the city, catch a view of beautiful Firenze from the top of Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, peep Michaelangelo’s David at the Galleria dell’Accademia, and grab a gelato before getting ready for our exclusive masquerade ball with irresistible Tuscan wine and antipasto composed of prosciutto, salami, and pecorino cheese.



Spend Saturday soaking in Florence under the Tuscan sun, see iconic Renaissance paintings at The Uffizi with admission on us, and enjoy some of Italy’s finest dishes and a glass of chianti wine before hitting up our breathtaking venue overlooking the city for an Aperol Spritz party. We’ll finish our legendary day at an exclusive event in one of Florence’s finest nightclubs with a roster full of your favorite musicians.




GET LOST IN the vineyards

Most will leave on Sunday, and if you do don’t forget to enjoy one last cappuccino and brioche before you go. If you’re lucky and get to stay on with us, make sure to catch all the sights you haven’t seen yet like the Mercato Centrale or the beautiful Boboli gardens before joining us for a magical Tuscan winery visit to indulge in some of Italy’s best vino. Feeling ready for adventure in the Alps?


Abroad Europe makes the most of your semester by visiting 
the cities and destinations you’ve been dreaming about.
JAN – APR 2022

Our parents

“The itineraries reminded me of my youth traveling Europe, but without all the headaches. it made sense to send my son on Abroad Europe trips.”


Mother, University of Chicago

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