The Balearics’ infamous bohemian gem, Ibiza is world-renowned for its stunning beaches, rugged coastline, and a legendary clubscape. Frequently flocked by boho beach-going babes and the world’s premier DJs, Ibiza is a music lover’s haven surrounded by crystal clear azure waters.

A heavenly combination of relaxing and exhilarating, Ibiza is a prime destination to finesse a perfect Spring Break abroad. You’ll be tanning, swimming, and partying all amongst your fellow study abroad students, making it a safe environment to blow off some steam and celebrate the halfway point of your semester.

Start your day with yoga on the beach and a dip in the turquoise Meditteranean water followed by an excursion to Ibiza’s hippy flea markets founded in the ‘60s. Treat yourself to paella and have a cocktail to refuel while watching the sunset before donning your glitter and best club attire to have the time of your life.

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