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Paris - Abroad Europe

Paris, france


The City of Lights is a beacon for travelers hungry for the arts, fashion, romance, and history. A muse for famous artists, authors, and creators alike, you can’t leave Paris without being seduced by its irresistible charm. Full of inspiration, you could live a thousand lives in Paris and there would still be more to discover.

A cityscape bursting with chic cafes, culinary triumphs, monuments and museums, an authentic Parisian experience can be highly elusive. With the impeccably planned weekend, you can enjoy summer in Paris at a truly relaxed French pace without missing anything on your bucket list.

Take in the sights of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, admire the world’s best art at the Louvre, sip an espresso at a cafe graced by the likes Victor Hugo, Hemingway, and Picasso. Bike along the glittering Seine to lovely vintage markets full of hidden gems. After Paris, you’ll never be the same. 

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Boutique Hotel 
Accomm.Events & ExperiencesLocal Cuisine 
& Brunch Daily




FEB 11-13

Arrive a day earlier, leave a day 
later and explore more

Book before the semester starts and take $100 off!

Fall in Louvre with Paris

These are the times of our lives – let’s make them matter



midnight in paris

When you arrive we’ll dive into Parisian culture with a beautiful welcome party. We’ll sip cocktails or wine, enjoy a romantic sunset with views for days, and have a taste of delicious French cuisine with a backdrop of the most beautiful city in the world. After the sun goes down, the clubs open up, and you’ll be free to experience nightlife in the City of Lights with your friends.


immerse yourself in the parisian life

We’ll spend the day checking off your bucket list items. First we’ll go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and take in the view. Afterwards, we’ll wander the halls of the Louvre and snap an obligatory picture of the Mona Lisa. There’s so much to see, so we’ll get bikes and pedal along Paris’s cobbled streets, taking in as many sights as we can. You’ll be free to explore to your heart’s content!



Bisous, Paris

Most travelers will be journeying home on Sunday, but if you’re around for the day it’s your chance to visit anything you missed. Browse the books at Shakespeare and Co., visit the Notre Dame, or make the trek to luxurious Versailles. If you’re feeling it, you can join us on a shopping trip in the bustling markets. After we bid adieu to Paris, we’ll see you for a new adventure in Florence!

Abroad Europe makes the most of your semester by visiting 
the cities and destinations you’ve been dreaming about.
JAN – APR 2022

Our parents

“what better opportunity for our kids to experience new cultures, work in different environments, and gain a new appreciation for the world"


Father, University of Oregon

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