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Prague - Abroad Europe




Step into the enchanting crossroads of medieval Eastern Europe, brimming with historic landmarks, alluring art, and exquisite beer. Boasting the largest castle complex in the world and gorgeous Vltava river criss-crossed with bridges, it’s a bucket list fairytale destination that feels untouched by the hands of time.

With its drop-dead gorgeous architecture, divine Pilsner, and absolutely lit nightlife, it’s easy to see why students flock to Prague in the Fall when the city’s most picturesque. The home of artists and academics for centuries, the Czech capital has history, art, and hidden gems tucked behind every art-nouveau inspired corner for you to discover.

Start your day with brunch in the Baroque Old Town Square before climbing to the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower to get a dreamy bird’s eye view of the city’s signature golden rooftops. Cross the Charles Bridge to Prague’s castle complex, and stop for a photoshoot moment in front of the infamous Lennon Wall before catching an unforgettable sunset from the castle parapets. 

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Boutique Hotel 
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FEB 4-6

Arrive a day earlier, leave a day 
later and explore more

Book before the semester starts and take $100 off!

Czech out Prague!

These are the times of our lives – let’s make them matter



Golden Cityscapes

When you arrive, you’ll have time to tour around and check out the sights before you join our exclusive welcome party in a lavish garden on top of a hill overlooking Prague’s stunning golden cityscape. You’ll warm up to the city with drinks and views, surrounded by beautiful people and even more beautiful sights. 


Party in a Monastery

Start your day with brunch, then freely explore the city to your heart’s desire. If you’re into literature and want to flex your brain muscles, we’ve got tickets available to the famous Franz Kafka museum. Then, your evening will kick off with a party in a monastery where monks still brew beer, and we’ll all head to an exclusive event in the city’s best club with absolute fire artists



Old Town Square

If you’re heading out on Sunday, enjoy a delicious brunch to recharge before you go. If you get to stick around with us for an extra day, relax in Prague’s Old Town Square or admire the view from the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower before chasing the green fairy with us at an absinthe tasting. Ready to do it all again in Paris next week-end?

Abroad Europe makes the most of your semester by visiting 
the cities and destinations you’ve been dreaming about.
JAN – APR 2022

Our parents

“The itineraries reminded me of my youth traveling Europe, but without all the headaches. it made sense to send my son on Abroad Europe trips.”


Mother, University of Chicago

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